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A full map of the Round Sheffield Run routeThe elevation of the Round Sheffield Run route
The elevation of the Round Sheffield Run route
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Stage 1

2.9km Endcliffe Park to Forge Dam

A pleasant gradual ascent leaving Endcliffe Park, up through Bingham Park and Whiteley woods, a stage to take nice and steady through the paved and dirt tracks up to Forge Dam.

Liaison between 1-2

A short walk / jog up past the Cafe to the start of the next stage

Stage 2

2.5km Porter Valley Ascent

Up from the Forge Dam Cafe, this stage leads us up the Porter Valley and away from town towards the Peak. The gradual ascent becomes slightly more aggressive half way up, leading upwards. This is possibly the toughest part of the course - a good one to get under the belt early on.

Liaison between 2-3

The "recovery" stage along Fulwood Road, sticking to the trail on the left, past the Alpaca farm to Ringinglow Road. This stage is comfortable and flat, allowing for nice recovery after the endeavours of the previous two.

Stage 3

2.5km Limb Valley Descent

Wide open grassy trail, leading into windy, flowing single-track down through the Limb Valley, a really nice downhill section that everyone is bound to enjoy. Our personal favourite.

Liaison between 3-4

A short walk / jog across the main road and down onto the playing fields to the start of the trailhead.

Stage 4

1.8km Ecclesall Woods

Having crossed Ecclesall Road South on the liason between stages, we are into Ecclesall Woods, a favourite with locals. The first section stretches through pine, skipping between roots and pine needles, then up onto the main trail, and down through to Abbeydale Road.

Liaison between 4-5

Along the road past Dore Station, a left up over the railway and up to the next trailhead, then up the stairs to the start of the next stage. We thought it would be kind not to make the stairs part of the timed section!

Stage 5

2.5km Beauchief Golf Course

Undulating single-track up and over Lady Woods, until Beauchief golf course can be seen on the left. The track then hugs the course through the woods, popping out onto the road down to the beautiful Beauchief Abbey, back into the woods continuing on next to the golf course, eventually coming out onto the road.

Liaison between 5-6

A short walk across the main road and up the pavement and down into the next set of woods.

Stage 6

0.9km Chancet Woods

A short, fast, cheeky section of flowing, undulating single-track.

Liaison between 6-7

Across the busy A61, and along the pavement up to the entrance to Graves Park. The stage starts a little further in.

Stage 7

1.4km Graves Park

A gradual ascent through the mature woods of Graves Park. This is another stage to take at a steady pace, up and over, right across the park popping out at the main vehicle entrance.

Liaison between 7-8

Following the main road on the tarmac path up around 500m to the New Inn Pub, turn left onto the road here, following to the start of the next trail.

Stage 8

1.3km Lees Hall Golf Course

This is an exciting, fast, flowing trail between Lees Hall Golf course, down past the academy playing fields, opening up to some great urban views, and then diving round to the left, and back up towards Meersbrook.

Liaison between 8-9

Along the road in a straight line for about 500m, past the row of shops joining the main road, and up to Meersbrook Park entrance.

Stage 9

0.8km Meersbrook Park

This stage is extremely fast, bearing left along the paved path, and hooking right down to the far corner of the park. One for the short distance specialists. Do take care, and don't go too fast!

Liaison between 9-10

Out the park across the A61 following the permanent signs, across to Abbeydale Rd and Edinburgh Cycles. Turn left onto Abbeydale Rd, and then turn right by the mirror shop for the start of the next stage. Marshalls will be in key positions for this slightly tricky liaison.

Stage 10

2.2km Brincliffe Edge

The end is getting close! This urban stage takes you up the road on a gradual climb to Brincliffe edge. Keep going up the road, duck into the woods onto the trail, contouring round, then up and down into Chelsea Park, popping out in quiet surburbia on the other side. A few quiet, wide streets to negotiate on the pavement before finishing close to Psalter lane.

Liaison between 10-11

A nice gentle trot down the hill to Hunters Bar roundabout, and then through the entrance to Endcliffe Park. Save those legs for the final push, because the end is in sight!

Stage 11

0.4km Endcliffe Park Finish

A final flourish, starting at the park entrance up onto the park itself, where you will join the marked course in the dash for the finish outside Endcliffe Park Cafe. You will be greeted by fellow competitors, adulation from the crowd and -if you wish - a cold beer!