Prizes include...

  • ​Thornbridge Beer

  • Salomon Gear

  • Wentworth Engraved Tankards

  • Trophies


There are a range of prizes for each of the different categories. Total time over the 11 stages for Individual and Pair Categories. This year there is also a team category that comprises the top 3 pairs from a club or your own team. i.e. Team prize for top 3 Male Pairs, top 3 Female Pairs and top 3 Mixed Pairs.

All finishers receive a top quality finishers medal, and there will be spot prizes too. Beer included!

Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at 18.19.42.png


Individuals will be timed over each of the 11 stages with results for each stages and an overall time so you can compare yourself to your friends. You may want to run solo or in a group of 6 all as individuals - regrouping on the recovery stages and then comparing times at the end. Great bit of competition and fight for pride in your group.

There will be prizes for Individuals overall and also a seperate category for V40 and V50


Pairs complete all 11 stages together, they share one timing device, and have to be within arms length at the start and the end of each stage. The Pairs format is great way to encourage each other round, and really enjoy the journey together. Male, Female and Mixed Pairs each have their own category. Some amazing prizes for the top 3 in each category!


This year there is a team competition which comprises the aggregate times of the top 3 pairs in your team or club. There are prizes for the top Female, Male and Mixed teams. You don't need to run together as a team, but you can use the recovery stages to regroup with your pairs. Just make sure you are not waiting too long in the recovery stages as there is a max time at which point the clock starts automatically. Detailed cards are given out to let you know exactly what this means.

Stage wins

Stage 2 and Stage 11 are special stages. Stage 2 is the KOM (King of the mountain stage) - Stage 11 is the sprint stage. So make sure that if you have anything left for the 400m stage 11 that you give it a go in front of the crowds and post a good time. Your finishers medal will be waiting for you! As well as an instant print out of your results! ...... unfortunately you may have to queue a short time at the bar to get a beer.